The Wonder Hour

60 minutes to re-connect with what brings you joy 

  • Do you need a blast of practical positivity?

  • Are you feeling disconnected from the things that bring you joy?

  • Does mum guilt stop you from doing something nice for yourself?

  • Does the daily grind keep getting in the way of fun?

  • Do you feel glass half full at the moment?

Image by Ivana Cajina

Now imagine...

What could be?

Feel energised and reinvigorated

Be clear on what sets your heart alight

The ability to put aside the mum guilt 

Recognise who and what brings you joy

Saying yes to more things you want to do

Saying no with confidence to things you don't want to do

What is it?

A 60 minute call to work through what brings you joy in life, how you could do more of that and what could be holding you back from feeling fulfilled. 

From lack of time, to a busy to-do list and the worry about what others might think, we can stop ourselves from doing what we love. 

In this session we'll work through some of those barriers and give you a realistic plan to incorporate more contentment into your daily life. 

Image by Alexandra Fuller

Why me?

I know what it's like to wake up and feel uninspired and unmotivated. There was no big reason, but more a gradual wearing down of knowing what brought me joy outside of kids and family life. 

I discovered coaching and soon fell back in love with what I was doing professionally. That allowed me more time to think about what else I could be doing that would benefit me, my family and our world. 

It can be all encompassing being a working mum. We often take on more of the domestic and childcare responsibilities and they can take precedence over doing things just for us. We then feel guilty when we do get some time to ourselves, wondering if our partner and kids are coping without us. We fear relinquishing control.  

I know that you are busy and that you don't get a moment to think. Book a Wonder hour session with me and you'll be amazed at what you can unlock in just 60 minutes.


That's just 60 minutes out of your day. I think you deserve that for yourself. 


"Laura provided the perfect safe space for me to explore how I’ve been feeling since becoming a mum and where my ambition and abilities meet. It was so helpful to discuss and learn what I need and want to prioritise in my life (and why), as well as identifying and acknowledging my inner critic too. The wonder hour session was exactly what I needed as it gave me a great sense of focus and reflection. Thank you Laura for your guidance." ~ Ella

What you'll leave with

Image by Ian Schneider

A new-found knowledge of your passions

A guide to implementing joy each day

A non-cheesy way to practice gratitude

The ability to say yes to what you want

Energy and enthusiasm

Your investment