Thank you to Vicky Shilling for inspiring me to include this statement on my website and to Maggie Patterson for modelling this to Vicky. Also Hayley J Dunlop, who has been an excellent sounding board and resource in my education surrounding ethical marketing and allyship.

Business values


Bravery to take a different path, to dare to think differently, to be bold in action and in thought. To not accept the status quo. To challenge the ‘that’s just the way it is’. To resist the patriarchal norms. How this shows up in my business: Asking challenging questions - hypothetical and rhetorically. Challenging appropriately in the coaching conversation - ‘what if you knew?’ To hold a mirror up to a client's perspective and ask them whether they like what they see and if not, what do they want to do about it. Sharing inspiring content from women who are challenging the status quo already. Not shying away from critical conversations.  


Understanding everyone is different and does things in their own way. To not assume. To be aware of unconscious gender and racial bias. Understanding of the self and of others’ situations. To share and accept all experiences. To hold a warm, calm and inviting space to allow thought to be expressed without judgement. Empathy as something that can go all the way - extending it regardless of the person's actions. How this shows up in my business: Calm and considered coaching conversations, awareness of what keeps you up at night. Sharing my own experiences and being vulnerable to be open, challenged and criticised. 


Being accountable for the choices you make and the mindset you hold. Understand you can’t control your situation but you can control your reactions. Do the work - read the books, listen to the podcasts, soak up the knowledge and get the help where you need it. Social responsibility as well as the self. How this shows up in my business: Showing alternative mindset options and getting you to test them out. Growth mindset - understanding that making mistakes along the way is good. Anti perfectionism! Encouraging women to take the leap when it feels scary and standing by their side when they do it. Understanding that action takes many forms and can be restricted by circumstances beyond our control, such as race or gender. 


Joy underpins so much of what I want women to bring to their world. Joy means contentment, knowing what to do when it disappears for a while, being able to rest, being able to say no. Joy is more than happiness. It is deeper rooted and comes from a place of inner wisdom. How this shows up in my business: Coaching that empowers, motivates and reinvigorates. Realism and positivity, not toxic positivity. Celebrating successes of others including clients, peers, other coaches and women in business. 

Based on my values these are my business commitments:


Hiring + Money

  • I am currently a sole trader and have no additional staffing costs. At a point where my business scales I will pay any employees, contractors or freelancers who undertake work for me a rate commensurate with their current salary expectations.

  • I will from time to time accept reciprocal services from clients or collaborators who have a service or product I need, on the understanding both parties feel that the swap is fair and equal.

  • My pricing will always be transparent and fair for the results I help women achieve.


  • I offer a free Facebook group which includes live training, recordings and other content at no charge. I offer free downloads to help spark your change. By accessing the download you are added to my mailing list. You are able to easily unsubscribe from this list at any point.

  • I offer payment plans to work with me 1:1 and you can spread the cost of your investment.

  • I have chosen to donate a minimum of £5 per month of my booking sales from to to be reviewed each month.

  • If / when I run a group coaching programme, I will offer a scholarship place, favouring those from minority backgrounds.

  • My Purpose-finder workbook is priced at £20 and is a comprehensive way to understand what makes you tick and how to do more of the things you love, without investing in the full coaching experience. I am always available to chat through the workbook if you are struggling to complete it after purchasing.


Solidarity and Culture-Making

  • Whenever I am asked to speak at an event I will always ask to ensure the line-up is culturally and socially diverse and that experts from all ethnicities, sexual orientations and minority backgrounds are considered.

  • I am making a commitment to diversity on my own platform, most visibly my Instagram live series, which to-date has featured mainly white, straight, cis-gendered women.

  • I will research the businesses I pay, collaborate with and promote to understand their ethics as well as their diversity and inclusion practices to ensure they align with my own expectations.

  • I am always open to constructive feedback, questions and fair challenges.



  • I will never sell you a tangible result to working with me, joining one of my programmes or downloading one of my trainings. Pure coaching does not guarantee a specific result, but will be based on your own goals and aims. 

  • I will not scare you into booking through false scarcity or short deadlines. I will be honest with how busy my diary is, how many slots for coaching I have available and what my true availability is. I will not offer discounts to get bookings quickly. I will not create an atmosphere of exclusivity. My offers, programmes and new launches will be available to all for a given time-frame. 

  • My contract includes a 14 day cooling off period so if you change your mind, I will give you a 100% refund. I will honour this whether you sign up as an individual or a business. Beyond 14 days my contracts are clear on my refund policies. I will refund you if you choose to curtail our relationship within the given notice period.


My Privileges 

  • I am white and so benefit from white privilege. I am learning to understand this privilege and become actively anti-racist, both in my professional and personal life. This is ongoing.

  • I am financially secure. I was awarded a redundancy settlement package which has allowed me to start That Balanced Life Coaching and invest in help such as business development mentoring, my website, my e-mail marketing and my own continued professional development as a coach.

  • I am educated to degree level for which I received a full loan. I was awarded a scholarship to fund my study abroad programme. I have a further qualification in Professional Coaching Practice, which was funded by my former employer as part of my career progression

  • I am atheist and have never been subjected to abuse or assumption based on my religious beliefs or practices

  • I am non-disabled, physically and mentally well and have a body/BMI that conforms to society's standards of "acceptability"


  • ​Burnout, Solving Your Stress Cycle by Amelia and Emily Nagoski: for how the patriarchy and racial bias add to the possibility of burnout in women

  • Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad: for education around white privilege and anti-racism

  • Nova Reid on Instagram for anti-racism 

  • Sarah Taylor Coaching for LQBTQIA allyship