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If you are ready to take action and ditch the over-thinking today, my coaching programmes will take you from self doubt to self confidence. You'll have the practical plan, mental toolkit and motivation to make change a reality.

It's time to start making those difficult decisions with ease.


90 days to Ditch the Deliberation

Do you find it hard to make even the smallest of decisions? Would you love to feel more confident and sure of yourself when it comes to making change in your career; be that returning to work, asking for a pay-rise or setting up your own business? This 90 day 1:1 coaching programme will

  • Give you an understanding of what matters most to you so you can make decisions with ease

  • Unlock the reasons why you procrastinate and overthink 

  • Give you a simple strategy for making decisions going forward


60 minutes to re-connect with what brings you joy

Are you tired of finding yourself at the bottom of your to-do list at the end of each day? Do you struggle to do things that bring you joy because of mum guilt, lack of time and lack of money? 

The Wonder Hour one-off coaching session gives you the uninterrupted time and headspace to figure out what you need to feel like 'you'. 

This 60 minute session will:

  • Leave you feeling energised and invigorated and ready to do more of what brings you joy, without the mum guilt

  • Understand how to express your needs and put yourself first

6 week group coaching programme

Are you struggling with a decision? Are you ready to take action that'll leave you feeling motivated and empowered to make it with ease? Do you want to celebrate your success with others in the same boat and find a sense of community as you develop your decision-making superpowers?

This 6 week group coaching programme will:

  • Uncover your passions, strengths, values and worth 

  • Give you the accountability and support from working with a group 

  • Provide you with the resources and mindset to make your business and career decisions in a worry-free way

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"Laura is a brilliant source of help and can get you to think about things differently to find your own solution. She is inspiring, motivating and most importantly, really down to earth and approachable. I can't recommend her enough - if you are thinking about coaching don't think about it, just do it! You won't regret it! "