The Purpose-finder - 1:1 coaching package
Helping you move from stuck and lost, to clear and confident at home and in work

  • Are you coasting in a job you like but don't love?

  • Do you feel you should be grateful for what you have, but yet you want something 'more'?

  • Do you want to make change but get put off what people might think?

  • Do you wake up and think 'ugh, here we go again?' 

  • Do you feel stuck in a career that no longer motivates you?

  • Are you struggling to muster up your old enthusiasm for your career? 

  • Do you avoid thinking about making change and just accept that 'if it ain't broke...'?

  • Are you returning to work after a career break and lacking in confidence?

  • Do you want a better work life balance?

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Now imagine...

What could be?

You know what you love and do work that brings you joy

You can play to your strengths without feeling like you are boasting

You believe in your value and can ask for more

You know what matters most to you and make decisions based on your values

You have the confidence in yourself to make fulfilling change 

You feel energised and enthusiastic about your future

Your 'something else' has a become a solid plan

What is it?

Through the course of the Purpose-finder programme we look at your life as a whole and explore what matters to you most. Through a dedicated focus on four key areas of fulfilment, we consider how your values and beliefs also play a part in discovering your whole purpose - alongside that of being a mum.

This method is known as ikigai which is a Japanese philosophy relating to meaning of life. Once you have established what your unique version of ikigai is, you can then begin to make change and decisions that best align with your values. This gives you the freedom to make decisions from a place of true knowing, without the constraints of what 'should be'. 

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Why me?

I've been where you are. I was 15 years into a career that ticked so many boxes. I had great colleagues, benefits, work I enjoyed and the potential to develop. It was the gift horse I did not look at in the face. 

But... and there's always a but. I had an itch that couldn't be scratched. I was coaching as part of my role, volunteering as a coach outside of work and following every parent coach going to reassure myself it was possible to do something you truly believe in.

So when voluntary redundancy came my way, I leapt. It was scary but it was right and I knew it was right because of the work I'd done on understanding myself through coaching and later, the ikigai method. 

I'm also a mum with all that entails! I do the juggle and have struggled with mum guilt and huge demands on my time. But still I believed enough in myself and my purpose (combined with a healthy dose of self-doubt) to make a change that I knew I wouldn't regret.

I trust in this process because it works. I have seen first-hand the results that it can bring to women just like you, who are struggling to connect with their identity after returning to work. I've used this transformative process myself and the emotions it unearthed were incredible. Since using this model my coaching clients have gone on to start their own businesses, go for promotions and ask for a pay-rise. 

So will you accept the status quo or are you ready now to make a change for good?


"A great session and a brilliant reminder to myself to live an ikigai life" - Sarah

What you'll leave with

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The confidence to trust your instincts

A plan for the next steps

A concrete vision of your future

The ability to make decisions with ease

A reason to wake up with energy and enthusiasm

Your investment


Your investment in yourself

Pay in full

Make the commitment today

Pay in part

Flexible payment terms


Try a session first

What's included?

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After an initial call to get to know each other a little, we then schedule in your 6 coaching sessions during the next 90 days.

The first four sessions focus on an area of life fulfilment used in ikigai - what you love, what you are good at, what you can be paid for and what the world needs from you - and where the gaps currently are for you in each area.

We use the remaining two sessions to use that knowledge to map out how you are going to make change a reality, leaving you with the confidence and clarity to move forward in your life.

What else?

  • A practical guide to ikigai for you to work through during and between sessions, valued at £20

  • On-going support via e-mail or Whatsapp when you need a hand, a cheerleading moment or a kick up the bum to keep going!

Frequently asked questions

What is ikigai?

The Japanese concept for 'meaning of life'. It is also a practical coaching tool that focusses on identifying 4 key areas; things you love, things you are good at, things you can be paid for and things the world needs from you. Once you know that, we go deeper to understand where those beliefs come from and how you can use them in your day to day life and decision making.

How long is each session?

Each of the 4 sessions is an hour long.

Is there a workbook I can use?

Yes! We will work through my 'kickstart change' ikigai workbook; you can download this from the homepage too if you want to have a sneaky peek before booking.

Can I add on extra sessions?

Yes, additional sessions are charged at £99 or you can book 6 sessions in one go for £525