Why I've stopped doing...

The Stop Over-Thinking, Start Doing programme was due to start tonight with our first group call.

But. It's not.

The doors shut with 2 sign ups. I needed 4 to make it work as a group experience and so I made the decision to postpone it. To stop doing if you will!

Now, here's the fun part. I say fun, but it has the potential to be not fun at all - self reflection can often swerve into self loathing and feelings of failure. So we aren't going to do that!

Instead, here's 5 things I learnt about failing...

1. I kinda knew it wouldn't work. Why? Because my heart wasn't 100% in it. It wasn't bringing me joy. And we all know how much I love a bit of joy. In setting up the group programme I had neglected to think about my own 'ikigai' (see this blog post if you want to know more)

2. You can do many things, but you can't do everything at the same time. I was attempting to settle into a new job, juggle half term and a particularly stressful set of circumstances at home, launch a group programme, create content and still show up for my wonderful existing clients. Planning is not my forte, but the importance of it really hit home this time

3. I had fallen back into people pleasing mode. I thought that an evening coaching session would be 'best' for everyone. But it wasn't going to be best for me (and therefore you!). Evenings are tricky in our house, bedtimes are uncertain beasts and my husband works away often. I realised that if career change coaching is something you want, you'll prioritise attending the sessions, whenever they might be.

4. Asking for help helps. What a revelation! I asked people on Instagram, most of whom I've never met IRL, to share the Ikigai workshop that was the group programme 'pre-launch'. And they did! And lots more of you signed up to it as a result. I also worked with a course hosting platform www.discoco.co.uk to help with promotion.

5. I need to take more of my own medicine. As much as I thought I'd promoted it the programme, I could have done waaaaay more. And that was my internal judgey voice saying 'you'll be annoying people if you keep mentioning this cool group programme that will actively make them feel more confident in changing their career'. See also - people pleaser. Sure, some of you won't be interested/find it annoying/not want to commit right now. But, you might and that final email or message might just be the one that tempts you.

5a. People leave booking things to the VERY last minute. Fact.

So in the spirit of continuing to ask for help, I'd love to know what you liked about the programme and what you'd love to see next time. I'd be grateful if you could pop some thoughts here for me.


You see, I want you to be a part of this community and I want it to be gloriously uplifting, thought-provoking and inspirational. But I also want it give you the practical tools to make change in your career. Not in 5yrs. Now.

Thank you for being here!