What to do when you find it hard to make decisions (especially good, quick ones)

Oh the hours spent agonising over that decision to go for a new job, move to the country or start your own small business.

It can feel like you can't make a decision without this endless back and forth, constantly running around in your brain trying to see every possible outcome of making this decision. It feels like you always have to go through this process, when it comes to making big decisions effectively. That's just the way you are. It's frustrating, but what can you do?

In the words of Run DMC, 'It's like that, and that's the way it is...'

You know you need to pull yourself together and just get on with it, but you don't know where to start. For so long now you've wanted to feel more confident in your decision-making ability but the mere thought of making this potentially life-altering decision sends you into a spin.

You start to look at what everyone else is doing and begin to feel like you are at the bottom of the pile. Your normal confidence begins to shrink away leaving you feeling like a little mouse in the corner of the room. You wonder how you'll ever get to the level of confidence that others seem to exude from their pores. And they seem to be moving things along at such a pace. You feel left behind and worried your indecision means you won't even get off the starting line.

You start to think about what other people are going to think of your decision. What's she doing?! Why is she doing that?! Who does she think she is?!

And yet... when other people make that big leap what are you thinking about them? I'd guess you are probably curious as to why they made that decision. And you may even think, 'I'd never do that!'. But, I doubt you judge them badly for it.

We are always our own worst critic.

And that slows down the decision-making process. And wouldn't it feel wonderful to not spend those many hours, thinking of all the possible scenarios (most of them negative, right?), trusting your intuition and just getting on with it.

So how do you make good, quick decisions? Ones that you won't regret. And that won't be wrong, leaving you with yet more mess to sort out. How do you get it right the first time rather than flipping backwards and forwards constantly?


I know you are nervous about making the wrong decision. I know that you have thought about the 100000 different consequences that could happen as a result of making this choice. And if you go with what's behind door number one, you risk never knowing what could have been behind door number two.

We can't know this. But the ping-ponging between the two doesn't help either.

What you need is a sense of urgency. Many of our decisions are based on a sense of 'got to do it now'. A work deadline, a closing date, an end of sale promotion, a discount running out. These are time-bound decision factors from external forces.