Why is time escaping you?

I've been reading The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks and felt inspired to write about his view of time and our binds to it. You'll probably not be surprised to know that a lack of time is often cited as a reason not to start making change by my clients; especially working mums who are juggling so much of the mental load.

Lack of time is something that comes up as a barrier for change A LOT. How many times a day do you think, 'there's never enough time!', 'I can't make time!', I wish I had more time! or 'I have no time at all!'?

We've been taught that time is finite, that it might run out at any given point. So we rush, hurry and race against time in order to somehow beat the system. We try to 'manage' time and that puts pressure on ourselves to get everything done 'on time'. It's exhausting and when we fail, it's demoralising and demotivating.

We judge others on their use of time; if we are rule keepers around time then we are strict and police-like about it, especially towards those who are more relaxed about being on time. I'm sure you know which camp you fall into!

And of course, society is such that things happen at certain times of the day. We have deadlines imposed by others, opening times, meal-times, schedules and meeting times. We can't just abandon all notion of time and live completely time-free!

So how does all this relate to making long-lasting and fulfilling change?

We use time as an excuse not to take action. We put the pro in procrastination and waste time so that we can avoid making the big decisions for a bit longer. And wasting time by no means makes you lazy. In fact, the biggest time wasters are often the busiest! I've faffed about so many times tweaking, tinkering and delaying posting something on social media for fear of how it'll be received. We waste time because we don't trust our decision making abilities.

We say we don't have time or we need to be better at time management, but really we have created a mindset that tells us there's never enough time. That the thing we want most will have to wait because of all the other things requiring our attention first.

So here's my challenge for you. Stop holding on to time as an excuse for not making change.

Change your language around how you spend your time. Be honest when you are procrastinating out of fear of judgement. Prioritise what is most important to you and then plan your time so that you can do more of that. Be confident to say no to the things that drain your precious time. Trust your own decisions and don't wait for the 'right time'. It doesn't exist.

PS - a great use of your time is booking some coaching in....