What you need to make change a reality

As a working mum your time is often stretched. You look at your to do list and you know that there's 101 things to be done before you can begin thinking about what you need. We all know about self care and we are getting better at saying when we need to rest or take some time out to do yoga or have a bath, but when it comes to planning and thinking about what we actually need to do to make sustainable change, then... well... it tends to be pushed down that list time and again. We accept the status quo because it's ok. It's fine. It does the job. But deep down I know you want something else. And if you just had the time and headspace to figure that out? There'd be no stopping you!

And I know that feeling. So well. Until last year I was in a job that I enjoyed, I had a great team and things were good. But I knew that I wanted something else. It only took redundancy and a global pandemic to kick me into making change!

But other than external circumstances forcing your hand, what does it take to step out of your comfort zone and into a new challenge?

It takes the Five Cs of Change. Which are?

  • Courage

  • Conviction

  • Commitment

  • Clarity

  • Confidence

And how do you get these magical feelings that mean you feel empowered and ready to make sustaining and fulfilling change?

Here are my top tips for making headway on each of the Five Cs:

  • Courage; change takes a dose of bravery. Push yourself out of your comfort zone in small ways and see how it feels. Try speaking up when you'd stay quiet normally for example.

  • Conviction; be sure of your ideas. Try to turn the volume down on the inner voice that wants to tell you that you can't, or shouldn't. Give that inner voice a name (mine is Barbara) and tell them firmly to pipe down.

  • Commitment; don't give up. Making a change takes dedication. Write down your goal, or better still - tell someone else about it. Set a date for when this will have happened.

  • Clarity; get specific on what the 'thing' is. Change only happens when we know what we truly want. Not what we think we should want, or might want. Notice what brings you joy and what drains you.

  • Confidence; the elusive self-belief. It's the trickiest to come by, but when the other pieces fall into place, it is easier to feel confident you are on the right path. Be your own cheerleader and note down what you are already doing well to make this change happen.

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