Sneaky bit of mum guilt

Mum guilt is a creeping little shadow. When we least expect it... boom there it appears to throw us off our game.

So why does it do that? Just when you are spinning all the plates and everything is under control?

When you dare to think, ooh maybe I actually have ‘got this’?

Why then does the mum guilt come rushing in with the power of 10,000 thundering horses? Enough to take your breath away while you stand in the kitchen with a hot drink, kids playing happily and your do list looking good?

Why do we punish ourselves at the very moment we should be high fiving ourselves?

What is that all about?!

So how’s about we recognise that we’ve done a good job instead?

Flip that mindset from - what have I done to deserve this success? to I did this! I made all this happen.

And then... can someone talk to me about dog mum guilt as that’s a whole other ball game!