Are you struggling with a decision? Are you ready to take action that'll leave you feeling motivated and empowered?

Join the 'Ikigai Your Goals' Workshop

Have you suddenly realised we are half way through 2021 and that thing you've been thinking about...still not done?

~Do you dream of leaving your job to start your own business but keep talking yourself out it?
~Do you want to move to countryside but worry about what you'll be missing out on?
~Do you want to train as a yoga teacher but have concerns about what others will think of you? 
~Do you feel you are at a crossroads?

Do you need some goals to keep you motivated and on track to make that thing happen?

If this sounds like you, come join my 'Ikigai Your Goals' interactive workshop and get yourself set up for the rest of 2021.

We will explore how recognising your Passions, Strengths, Values & Worth allows you to set goals you'll actually want to stick to!

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*Tickets are £25 and there are 5 'pay as you feel' donation based tickets - no questions asked

Ticket cost includes workbook and follow up 1:1 call with me in 90 days to check in on your progress