'Stop Over-Thinking and Start Doing; Making Confident Decisions'
Small group coaching programme

Feel supported and empowered as you discover your decision-making superpowers

  • Do you want to make a big decision but don't know where to start?

  • Do you daydream about the future but get stuck in the details of the what could go wrong?

  • Are you held back by the practicalities of making even simple decisions?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the options?

  • Do you worry your idea or plan isn't good enough?

  • Are you prone to over-thinking?

  • Does a part of you feel like you will regret this decision?

  • Is lack of confidence something you struggle with?

  • Have you lost touch with your intuition when it comes to decision making?

  • Would you like the support and accountability of a group to keep you on track, but can't find your tribe?

Image by Brooke Cagle

Now imagine...

What could be?

You trust your decision completely; no more gremlin on your shoulder making you question your choices

You feel focussed and certain as you take your next steps, knowing you have the confidence in your decision to handle whatever comes next

You know how to stop the 'but what if I fail?' thoughts

You can confidently and articulately explain why this is the right thing for you

You will stop procrastinating and instead make a positive plan for action

You have a ready-made community of support and accountability for those times when you need a boost, or a kick up the bum to get going!

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4th November 2021

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During the course of the programme, you'll explore the shared experiences we have around making difficult decisions and learn how to overcome them together. 


Using the Japanese philosophy of 'ikigai' (roughly translated as 'that which gets you out of bed in the morning') as the basis of the programme, you'll walk away with an understanding of what makes you tick and what is getting in the way of making your big decision.

You'll have the knowledge and confidence to take those next steps. No more waiting for the kids to be old enough, for the to do list to be manageable or the right opportunity to present itself. Your commitment to yourself starts here.

 When you want to make change such as a new career, ask for a pay-rise or start a side-hustle, it requires decision-making skills that go beyond everyday practicalities and logistics. These are decisions that impact your day to day life and you want to be sure you are doing it for the right reasons. 

The reason you've struggled with decision making until now is because you've been conditioned to fear change. Through this 6 week group programme you'll rediscover your innate decision making superpowers and learn to embrace change - for good.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Why me?

In the summer of 2020 I took voluntary redundancy from a job I enjoyed and started my own business. I knew how to coach, I was qualified and experienced so how hard could becoming a self-employed coach be?

Well.. throw in a global pandemic, home-schooling and lockdowns and things became a bit trickier. But those things were out of my control; what was within my control was the ability to take action to make my business as brilliant as it could be so that I could further support working mums to make sustainable change themselves. 

I didn't do it alone. I've invested in coaching, business development and technical help (hello building a website!) to make sure I have a plan in place, some accountability and a support network of my own. 

All, so that you and I can get to the really important stuff of talking to each other and figuring out your next bold move, quicker. Because that was always my 'what if I could...' dream.

An old saying that holds true for me is 'nothing changes, until something changes'. Meaning, you have to take action. As a result of coaching my clients have applied for promotions, started new ventures, taken up long sought-after hobbies and had conversations with partners that they've never felt confident enough to do before. 

For too long you have put yourself at the bottom of the priority list. It's time to re-write your story and start you on the path to your dream, today.


"Laura is an exceptional coach, I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s naturally inquisitive, a fantastic listener and is completely open minded." - Claire

What's included?

Clean Space

A blend of pre-recorded and live online group coaching sessions over 6 weeks. 

1 x pre-recorded masterclass (45 mins)

~Introduction to Ikigai; How knowing yourself deeply helps break the indecision cycle

4 x live weekly group coaching sessions (90 mins) 
~ Finding Confidence through Joy
~ Finding Confidence through Strength
~ Finding Confidence through Values
~ Finding Confidence through Worth

1 x wrap up session to set goals and commit to action (60mins)

1x bonus live session with wealth coach Sara Maxwell to help build your financial confidence


1 x bonus live session with career coach Jaz Broughton to banish imposter syndrome

Each coaching session will focus on moving you towards decision-making certainty and helping you to imagine a future where you are confident, content and aligned with what matters most to you.

By the final session you will feel ready to take the next steps in making the change a reality.

What else?

  • A comprehensive workbook for self-reflection

  • A list of resources to support you throughout the programme and beyond

  • On-going support via a private Facebook group when you need a hand, a cheerleading moment or a kick up the bum to keep going!

  • 1:1 sessions are available to book in addition to the group sessions at £99 each

What's your investment?

£370 in full or in two instalments, payable before the end of the course 

What you'll leave with

Trust in your intuition to do what's best for you

Confidence in your innate decision-making superpowers

The ability to quieten your inner negative chatter

A community to support and motivate you (there's no place for comparisonitis in this community)


A set of resources to refer back to when things feel a bit wobbly