I'm Laura, That Balanced Life Coach. 


I help organisations to develop their staff at all levels so that they feel empowered, motivated and ready to take action. 

I have 15 years experience of working with teams within the travel industry; nurturing performance, harnessing talent and fostering a growth mindset. 

I coach mid level managers, senior leaders and HR teams to create a deep sense of connection and purpose; aligned with organisational values and strategy. 

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  • You want to develop and nurture upcoming talent

  • You want better team communications and relationships

  • You want support on remote working 

  • You want challenging coaching that aligns purpose and passion with the business needs

  • You are entering a period of growth and change

  • You need support on change management

  • You want to be an industry leader in supporting returning to work parents

"My coaching sessions with Laura were incredibly positive and beneficial for my professional life. When I worked with Laura I struggled with imposter syndrome and self-doubt at work which I felt were hindering me from being an effective leader and just generally happy in my job. Through her amazing listening skills, exercises and techniques, she challenged me to push through self-imposed barriers and negative thoughts and gave me the tools to become more a more effective, confident and self-reflective leader.


Her insights into my own “logic” helped me understand the way I think a lot more. This understanding combined with the applied exercises and strategies has allowed me to consciously tackle the areas I struggle with and also identified other areas I didn’t realise I could improve or needed help with.


I can’t recommend Laura enough, my experience with her was really practical, insightful and empowering." 

                                                                               Hannah, Public Sector

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I'm so glad you've made your way here. I hope that by finding That Balanced Life Coaching you share my ethos and outlook as we embark on change together.

Courage, compassion, action and joy . These are my values and they underpin everything I do in my business. I believe that work can be joyful if we can connect to our purpose.

I'm a mum. Being a mum is part of my identity, but not all of it. I've worked since my oldest was a baby; part-time and now self-employed. I've been a sales manager and a trainer. I travelled abroad in my former role, spending time away from the family and feeling conflicted in doing so. I've commuted from Cheltenham to London for training sessions, missing out on the school run and bedtimes. I've struggled with mum guilt!

I also made a big change in my life. 

I discovered coaching & development a few years ago and fell in love.

I'm a International Coaching Federation Qualified coach which matters because it means you are in safe hands; I adhere to a strict code of standards in my practice.