Jen came to coaching as she approached a change in her home life circumstances. There was a lot of immediate change that she wanted to work through, as well as going beyond the surface level to focus on what was holding her back from feeling motivated and productive more generally.

In our sessions we looked at the under-lying reasons for these feelings and what accountability Jen could put in place for herself to stay on track. We also looked at how she was self sabotaging her professional work and then feeling a lack of integrity; something very important to her. 

Jen left our sessions feeling more motivated, confident and believing in her abilities, as well as recognising her motivation came from completing tasks and the great feeling that brought about.

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"Before I started working with Laura I felt foggy and unsure of myself. I knew that I had earned well in the past, and was respected in my field, but I was scared that I wasn't able to match the work of peers in a new country. During my sessions with Laura I found her calming nature so grounding, and it helped me to become reacquainted with my strength and confidence. Since then I've repeated the mantra I learned daily, and it's made me feel much better and more productive."