Cass came to coaching for help on planning her return to work after a sabbatical. She wanted to change the expectations of her upon returning and alter the patterns of behaviour that had led to long working hours and a general sense of imbalance in her life. 

We worked together over a 3 month period and during that time Cass was able to unlock some deeper lying beliefs about her definition of success.

She wanted to focus on setting boundaries around taking on too much work. She was also looking for clarity on both the return to work and her future possibilities 

Cass finished the coaching journey with the knowledge that she was in control of that definition and that she had the power and accountability to be successful on her own terms. 

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"Working together with Laura over the past few months has been challenging, but very rewarding. She creates a safe and understanding space for discussion, being both professional and compassionate. She pushed me to really unpack the roots of some of my behaviours, which wasn't always comfortable, but I have walked away understanding myself so much better. The next steps are now up to me, but I have no doubt I will be working with Laura again in the future to continue my personal development."