I'm Laura, That Balanced Life Coach. 


I work with women who want to make change in their lives and careers.


Whether that is in how you show up as a leader, returning to work after a break, changing career in your 40s or regaining work/life balance, coaching will help you navigate that change with confidence and ease. If you are feeling lost or stuck, coaching will help you move to clarity and confidence and actually make those big decisions you've been putting off (but can't stop thinking about).

I do this because my passion is to see women amplify their voices, to be bold, lead authentically, move up or out of jobs that no longer suit them and be truly at peace with their choices. To see them brimming with the confidence that comes from really knowing themselves and making decisions based on that knowledge. 


If you are worried about work/life balance, flexible working, public speaking, career change or starting your own business, book a call today to see how life coaching can help you regain trust in your decision-making abilities.


I am a qualified and experienced life & executive coach offering coaching sessions in person in Cheltenham, UK or via video call.

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  • You keep thinking 'what if...', but don't know where to start

  • You want something to change in your life but get distracted and interrupted by the daily demands of life

  • You would like a plan for how you navigate new possibilities

  • You see asking for help as being a burden

  • You can't seem to make time for yourself

  • You find saying no almost impossible

  • You struggle with guilt when you try to prioritise yourself 

  • You want to feel more confident in returning to work 

  • You want to be a more authentic leader

  • You want to change career in your 40s

"My coaching sessions with Laura were incredibly positive and beneficial for my professional life. When I worked with Laura I struggled with imposter syndrome and self-doubt at work which I felt were hindering me from being an effective leader and just generally happy in my job. Through her amazing listening skills, exercises and techniques, she challenged me to push through self-imposed barriers and negative thoughts and gave me the tools to become more a more effective, confident and self-reflective leader.


I can’t recommend Laura enough, my experience with her was really practical, insightful and empowering."


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Ikigai Co-Working
Monthly hosted co-working sessions that utilise the Japanese tool of ikigai to understand your motivations and what you actually want from your next career move. 

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1:1 Coaching Package
Uninterrupted time to think, explore and plan your next steps through confident decision making - career change, authentic leadership and return to work coaching

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Wonder Hour
One -off session to re-connect you if you feel lost, stuck or overwhelmed; focus and clarity to get you moving and motivated


"I'm not someone who is naturally very good at opening up to people I don't know well but Laura was really easy to talk to and helped me reframe my thoughts in a kinder and more positive way. Since our first session I've felt lighter and more accepting of my own needs. I'm writing this after two cups of tea and a sit down because that's what I needed today and I don't feel guilty at all! Thanks Laura, you really made a difference to me and I'm sure there are a lot of mums out there who will benefit from your help." 


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Cass came to me looking for coaching to support her return to work after a sabbatical. Cass wanted to alter her work habits which had led to long working hours and a general sense of imbalance in her life outside the office. She wanted to focus on setting boundaries around taking on too much work and was looking for clarity on both the return to work and her future possibilities - the idea of putting the puzzle pieces together came to mind for her in our initial conversation. 



Cass said:

"Working together with Laura over the past few months has been challenging, but very rewarding. She creates a safe and understanding space for discussion, being both professional and compassionate. She pushed me to really unpack the roots of some of my behaviours, which wasn't always comfortable, but I have walked away understanding myself so much better. The next steps are now up to me, but I have no doubt I will be working with Laura again in the future to continue my personal development"


We worked together over a three month period and during that time Cass was able to unlock some underlying beliefs about her definition of success. Cass finished the coaching journey with the knowledge that she was in control of that definition and that she had the power and accountability to be successful on her own terms. 



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I'm so glad you've made your way here. I hope that by finding That Balanced Life Coaching you share my ethos and outlook as we embark on change together.

Compassion, joy, courage and action. These are my values and they underpin everything I do in my business.


I'm a mum. Being a mum is part of my identity, but not all of it. I've worked since my oldest was a baby; part-time and now self-employed. I've been a sales manager and a trainer. I travelled abroad in my former role, spending time away from the family and feeling conflicted in doing so. I've commuted from Cheltenham to London for training sessions, missing out on the school run and bedtimes. I've struggled with mum guilt!

I also made a big change in my life. 

I discovered coaching a few years ago and fell in love. 

I'm a International Coaching Federation Qualified coach which matters because it means you are in safe hands; I adhere to a strict code of standards in my practice. 

I can't wait to get to know you!



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